What we Do

Law Concept because our philosophy is to meet our clients’ needs in the whole spectrum of law, both in and out of court. Each client and his or her case is special and it is treated that way. Our main concern is to provide integrated legal services, in order to be efficient in the best possible way.

Choose the service that you are interested in:

Mediation / Negotiations

Mediation is a flexible, inexpensive, time-saving, and confidential process that not only allows the parts to approach different ways to resolve their differences, but also to proceed with further constructive and beneficial cooperation.
The art of negotiations constitutes a dominant element in the process of mediation, as well as in every type of communication and efforts of opposing parts to reach an agreement out of court.

Our qualified and certified team can provide you with services of:

a) Mediator: if you wish to facilitate you and the other part to find a mutually approved solution.

b) Legal representative: if you are about to be involved in a mediation process and search for an attorney to represent you there.

c) Negotiations: for the handling of a case in order to reach a beneficial extra-judicial agreement.

New company forms

  • ”Start-up” companies
  • Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE)
  • Consultative guidance and participation in the process of formation and function of the parameters of new business and company models.
  • Finding of “angel investors” – funds
  • Provision of legal assistance and advice on the legal framework, incorporation procedures, corporate responsibility, further investments

Foreigners & citizenship issues

  • Fiscal representation
  • Submission of tax statements
  • ax payment – tax planning
  • Constitution and acceptance of an inheritance, assistance in editing a will, certificate of inheritance
  • Trust fund
  • Redaction of real estate contracts, issuance of construction permits
  • Management of real estate property, such as lease, concession, transfer (parental grant, donation), real estate evaluation etc.
  • Claim of real estate property from trespassers, registration/correction in the Greek National Cadastre
  • Divorce, civil partnership, interstate adoption
  • Pensions in Greece and other countries
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Investments in tourist destinations and Greek islands
  • Redaction of power of attorney, Apostille stamp, legalization of documents,
  • Representation before state services, such as Urban Planning Service, Greek National Cadastre
  • Representation before public utilities

Civil Law

Law of Property

  • provision of legal assistance during the negotiations with buyers or sellers
  • check of title deeds
  • registration and cancellation of mortgage
  • judicial claim of rights on real estate
  • advice on legal and fiscal issues

Greek National Cadastre

  • statement redaction
  • correction of obvious error
  • objections

Family Law

  • divorce
  • civil partnership
  • establishment or contesting of a parent-child relationship
  • incapacity mandate

Inheritance law

  • acceptance/renunciation of an inheritance
  • publication and contesting of wills
  • issuance of certificate of inheritance
  • distribution of inheritance

Consumer Protection

Legal advice and representation in court concerning the following issues:

  • banking products and services
  • private insurance
  • telecommunications
  • defective products
  • abusive general terms and conditions
  • infringement by unfair commercial practices
  • misleading advertising
  • distance selling, guarantees, producer liability etc.

Commercial Law

Enterprises and Companies

  • Consultative preventive guidance
  • Business and tax planning
  • Incorporation, operation, dissolution and restructuring of companies of any legal status
  • Incorporation of EU and offshore companies and trusts
  • Consultative guidance and legal representation throughout the procedures of Liquidation, Bankruptcy and Reorganization
  • Complete restructuring of “problematic” companies (“rebirth” plan of the company)

Law of Contracts

  • Contracts/private agreements of any type (i.e. lease contracts)
  • Representation in court for the collection of compensation etc.

Intellectual Property

  • Protection from the infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Provision of information and legal assistance for the registration of works of intellectual property and related rights

Industrial Property

  • Lawsuits for the lifting of industrial property rights/trademarks infringements
  • Protection of industrial designs and templates
  • Trademark registration and transfer
  • Patent registration

Fashion, Art & Music

Fashion law

The term “fashion law” refers to the legal field that deals with issues arising during the “lifetime” of a cloth or fashion accessory. The main issues of “fashion law” are:

  • intellectual property
  • business and finance, with subcategories that range from labor law to real estate
  • international commerce and government regulations, including issues of security and sustainability
  • dress code and religious outfit
  • consumer culture
  • personal data and wearable technology
  • individual rights
  • cloth production
  • modeling (regulatory framework regarding the protection of underage models, models remuneration and trafficking related to fashion)
  • Media
  • Perfumes and cosmetics industries

Art law

“Art law” connects two different fields, art and law, as its name reveals. “Art law” tries to resolve a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Buying and selling of works of art (merchants, collectors, auctions)
  • Dispute resolution regarding works of art
  • Art and cultural management
  • Artists’ rights

Music Law

“Music law” has to do with the legal parameters of the music industry, which includes record companies, music editors, merchants, concert organization and of course the artists and creators.
The legal issues that we come across in “music law” are:

  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright and trademarks
  • Design rights
  • Image publicity rights
  • Competition law
  • Law of contracts

Especially in the field of concert organization, we cope with the following matters:

  • Immigration law
  • Health and security requirements

Electronic Transactions

Provision of legal advice an representation in court about the following::

  • contracts for the construction of websites and formation of the related legal framework (terms of use)
  • defamation online
  • unfair advertising practices
  • intellectual property rights infringement
  • hacking
  • lawsuits for spam e-mails & compliance with the related law
  • privacy issues – protection of personal data
  • internet fraud
  • cybersquatting
  • Establishment of electronic business (business to business, business to consumer, online payments, conclusion of contracts etc.)
  • Registration of domain names and trademarks on the internet
  • Provision of legal assistance throughout the procedure of establishment of an electronic business

Tax Law / Criminal Law

Tax Law

  • challenging of decisions and acts of the tax authorities
  • planning for the beneficial exploitation of real estate
  • legal assistance and valid information on all issues included in tax law

Criminal Law

  • Representation of our clients in and out of court in cases concerning criminal offenses

Bankruptcy Law / Law of Insolvency

  • extrajudicial debt arrangements / Code of Conduct for Banks
  • advice on debt arrangement
  • negotiations with banking institutions, Law 3869/2010 on over-indebted individuals

Labor Disputes

  • Advice on matters of work contract conclusion
  • Compensation due to dismissal
  • Termination of work contract by the employee or the employer
  • Provision of legal advice and assistance in social security law disputes
  • Accumulation of the necessary documents and submission of request for pension

Community-led local development programm

Integrated consultative services regarding co-funded projects, for every possible beneficiary, in every stage of the program:

  • business plan formation
  • datasheets elaboration and submission
  • support concerning the management and observation of the project, according to the requirements of the Managing Authorities
  • support concerning the control procedures and the disbursement of allowances