Foreigners & citizenship issues

Law ConceptWhat we DoForeigners & citizenship issues

-Fiscal representation
-Submission of tax statements
-ax payment – tax planning
-Constitution and acceptance of an inheritance, assistance in editing a will, certificate of inheritance
-Trust fund
-Redaction of real estate contracts, issuance of construction permits
-Management of real estate property, such as lease, concession, transfer (parental grant, donation), real estate evaluation etc.
-Claim of real estate property from trespassers, registration/correction in the Greek National Cadastre
-Divorce, civil partnership, interstate adoption
-Pensions in Greece and other countries
-Enforcement of foreign judgments
-Investments in tourist destinations and Greek islands
-Redaction of power of attorney, Apostille stamp, legalization of documents,
-Representation before state services, such as Urban Planning Service, Greek National Cadastre
-Representation before public utilities