Who we are

We, at Law Concept, are a target – oriented modern boutique law office which incorporates experience, expertise, and rigorous level of professionalism in order to provide you, our international and domestic clients, with the best available legal services across the entire spectrum of our specialization areas: -i.e. tax & investment law, corporate & commerce law, private international law, civil law, immigration & nationality law, intellectual & industrial property law, marital management, litigation, mediation & negotiations-.

Our “one-stop-shop” concept ensures integral global support in legal, fiscal, managerial and administrative services, as we have established a worldwide network of lawyers, independent experts and consultants in numerous fields, such as notaries and associated real estate agencies.

Through a team of lawyers with diverse specializations in law we keep up with recent developments in relevant areas of law, presenting our advice on the basis of commercial realism, tailored to each individual client. We always strive to develop a long-term relationship with each client based on mutual trust, an intimate understanding of each client’s needs and a discerning case-by-case attitude.